Masters Summit QlikView




Credit:  Bob Thaves,

Credit: Bob Thaves,

Masters Summit QlikView was held in Chicago some days ago. This event is getting bigger and bigger with every new edition, mainly because the presenters are exactly what the title of the event says… Masters. It’s impressive how they manage to explain many aspects within QlikView that you may know, but you probably don’t know why they happen or how they work (like explaining how Field = {‘*’} – {‘Value’} is different from Field -= {‘Value’} in Set Analysis).

I really have to recommend this event, because I really think that even the most skilled QlikView developer/designer/consultant/whatever could learn a thing or two from attending this summit.

I can proudly say that since I knew QlikView, I’ve worked together with some of the most brilliant persons within the QlikView ecosystem. I’ve seen them develop some of the greatest QV applications I’ve ever seen. I’ve also heard comments like “I feel like I’ve already learned everything that is possible about QlikView” or “I don’t feel challenged anymore”. However, after 3 days of sessions, even the QlikView experts ended up learning a couple of things or got curious about trying new things.

There is too much material included in the sessions, that you need at least a week to assimilate and comprehend all that knowledge. Besides, learning from the masters is really priceless but not only that, having the chance of talking to them is what makes this event valuable.

Another thing to point out is that getting to know people from other places is a great way to share  and get new ideas about what can be done with QlikView.

In my case, it was the first time I attended Masters Summit, and I think the main purpose for me was to get a wider panorama about what other people is doing and how different is from what I’m doing and to feel that there’s still a long way to go in order to be a QlikView Expert.





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